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Nancy Schmidt

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I'm a little embarrassed that there's a quilt hanging on the wall in my pain cave, but I'm hoping the puke bucket mitigates that. It's time to pay the piper! #thesufferfest #paincave #sufferfest #bicycle

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Nancy Schmidt
jax3mom 1389327536
Love that quilt!!
bettejo_b 1389332012
Pain cave?
polarity72 1389354212
nancyjbs 1389355332
@firstmomto3 Yeah, I should post a real pic of the quilt. It hangs in the exercise area because it hides the circuit panel.
nancyjbs 1389355362
@bettejo_b "Pain cave"
nancyjbs 1389355555
@bettejo_b Oops! "Pain cave" - a term cyclists use for the area they set up for indoor, offseason riding. One of those sick cycling jokes. Hoping the bucket is also a joke!
urbanbigfoot 1389359678
I hate indoor cycling. As long as it's above -20°F, I'm outside on the fatty. But occasionally it's a necessary part of staying fit...but it sucks. You should be out on that new Beargrease!
bonnzeye 1389452075
Quilt πŸ‘πŸ’œ ...
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