Photo from mccranker

Skated the smilin buddha mini ramp tonight. #staydry #staywarm #skateeverydayin2014

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skatevr6 1389350950
Loza grind. Did he anti loza the landing? Looks like he Loza'd it. @freethinker88 @ryanthebutcher @joshettinger
freethinker88 1389362741
@skatevr6 😂 I'm throwing down an anti Loza tonight 👍
maxbryyan 1389500180
I know I drove by it one day after cops were lookin inside. And had to take a look and I almost shot myself when I saw it
maxbryyan 1389500185
bsilvs 1389886472
Kill. Er.
dazl0g 1419969627
@tatsie @alfienoakes666
tatsie 1419970602
Oh Jesus @dazlog @alfienoakes666 - going to the dwindle ramp next week..
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