Photo from j_nawrocki a

#tbt me and the homie @kidinkbatgang on the tour bus in Tampa! Btw go cop his new album #myownlane

j_nawrocki 1389290772
#music #kidink #thaalumni #hiphop #tourbus #concert #batgang #alumniarmy
debo247 1389301159
I should of got a pic too...smh
debo247 1389301182
Too busy watchin
j_nawrocki 1389302901
@debo247 ha ha.. There will be more opportunity duder .. Pretty soon people will want your pic, ya digg
wrigleyjoe 1389330371
@djope1, who is that? Better yet, when was this pic taken?
j_nawrocki 1389331152
@fukajoey lol what you mean who is that? That was taken when he performed in Tampa
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