Photo from mccranker

An anagram for "skating in the rain" is "a transient hiking" #skateeverydayin2014

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mikedomes 1389262918
Or Satan Thine King
mikedomes 1389263003
Make that Satan R thine king
imonlyhughman 1389279570
Little soft wheels in the rain are the bomb.
jaredmaxfiorovich 1389287540
dunzo420 1389292679
cloudy with a chance of shredinn
ikonnewyork 1389303616
Have you left a deck around melrose today ?
mccranker 1389304067
@domefits nope. I'm in Vancouver.
ikonnewyork 1389304605
@mccranker can we email/text you a pic of the deck somewhat left?
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