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Bastien x

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Sw crooks in Bordeaux from a while back. Photo: @nikwen_ So much fun going out and shoot with an old friend like you!! #street #skateboarding #oldfriends #skatelife #gootimes #bordeaux

bast1ensalabanzi Instagram profile picture
Bastien x
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777jah 1389027930
kacexfucxshixpisx 1389029150
@bastiensalabanzi where that bastien flip? CHALLENGE: Post a instavid where ever you are and do 3 in a row. FIRST TRY.
ante_kulusic 1389029728
I was so hyped to met you 3 years ago in Croatia! Cool dude
willysworkshop 1389031840
mr._biggs17 1389033613
Howww ya been homie ?!?!? @bastiensalabanzi
bast1ensalabanzi 1389203281
@kenny_v In France
hilton_pedro 1389429009
Ggeetings from brazil!!!!
alex_touret 1389565661
@bastiensalabanzi j'ai pas bien suivi ton actu depuis ces dernières années et il m avais semblé que t avais mis le skate un peu de coté .. on se croisait chez ToTo a fourwheels a nice ya un sacré paquet d années . c est bon de voir que tu ride tjs aussi fort mec . tu seras notre ray barbee a nous Long life ;)
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