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Jorge Angel

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Went on a river adventure with @ch1ckenl1vers and @adamkearley and made a new friend.

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Jorge Angel
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sonnyboy1388 1388976934
@amandamariewalter we went and wrangled some of florida
porpe 1388978874
Just sent it to you @sonnyboy1388 ... Video is up on YouTube link on my FB
tinybrush 1388981480
Awesome pic, man!!
amandamariewalter 1389009831
Like a true Floridian!
markus5 1389462008
Yooo would you happen to know if there is a best trick at expo today ? @porpe @meronek @jamie_foy
meronek 1389474704
Not sure @markus5 I skipped it today. See you at the next one
porpe 1389476263
Sorry I didn't answer earlier but I wasn't too sure @markus5
markus5 1389493208
No worries and for sure it was good seeing yall ! @meronek @porpe
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