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Rob Meronek

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Fresh off a king sized hot pocket in the heel from that Staples Center crooked grind attempt on KOTR is Clive aka @dixonormous here helping out at @theboardr HQ. @bigfuckingdeal and @porpe are fresh off vacation. We're excited to kick off 2014.

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Rob Meronek
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thecookerlyboys 1388861967
#workingclassmen stoked for everything that you guys are doing!
jorellan0 1388863311
Hell yea lemme get a job
duncanstrength 1388866676
@dixonormous is a class act
hidefjoe 1388867550
👍 @porpe
bfd_bob 1388867636
Hell yeah guys! @dixonormous we went deep son!
rileykeohane 1388887957
1000 pic
kevin_sikes 1389307894
Hey is there anyway you can put that sequence from today on Insta? @meronek
meronek 1389319035
@killasikes go to TheBoardr.com/skaters and click on your profile. You will see that sequence in your "recent photos" list
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