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John Lucero

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FlashBackFriday!1986! MaleModel! VisionStreetWear! FannyPackFever! Don't do the crime if you can't do the time! #totally80s #ilovethe80s #visionstreetwear #imsorry

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John Lucero
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greasyfeathers 1388837796
We've all commited fashion crimes at some point in the 80's and 90's.... @lucero_rip
oldman_fingers 1388849764
#fannypackfever! Hahah! I admit I rocked a VSW beret
richthepainter72 1388871808
I rocked a jimmy'z beret/chef hat and a vision hipsack while wearing skate rags pants!!!
deeeyeiradi 1388898579
I had the white button shirt and black fanny pack, same tee and shoes #80s #poser
blueblocker 1389066531
edgar_allan_fro 1389149775
I'll take a beret if ya still got a few in storage!
mosipps 1389167518
@lucero_rip Legend Shiit
chump360 1433383785
This is why vision was cool
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