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Lizard King

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CHILLIN AND KILLIN WITH MY GOOD FRIENDS AT @kingswell_losfeliz WITH @laurenhastings13 @viktorvauthier @kidlohan @ella_jazz πŸ“· @passmorepics GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!

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Lizard King
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byron_s_aa_666 1388791449
I love u lizard king man
whittier_native 1388791608
I have the deathwish.
danozone 1388793400
Spin the bottle!!!
alexandracmassey 1388813104
Happy new year Lizard!! 😊 @bigbizliz
Bruh you my favoright skater my friends say i skate like you and that is a awesome complement and dude haha it'll be killer if we could ever skate but I'm in texas hahaha i can keep dreamin tho.
mast3r_splinter 1389139820
Hey lizard big ass fan u know how to shred Man U are my biggest role model I TRY to shread like u and plus I'm a homey from SLC keep it real!!!
dylon_124 1390382368
Is that Braydon Sfranski on the right
valrequin 1393565574
Amor mucho mucho 😘 @bigbizliz
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