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Bastien x

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Thanks to @bo_def_ son and @thrashermag my lost part is now online at thrashermagazine.com hope you guys 'll enjoy it!! #thrashermag #thelostpart #flipdays W/ Lewis Marnell #rip

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Bastien x
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chillian__murphy 1389081274
Dude your skating was always so ahead of the game. Your lost part still holds up to this day and it's so crazy how long ago that was. Watching that really brought me back to when skating for me was the most fun. I was always and always will be Flip til I die and was always so pumped to watch Sorry before going out skating that summer. It's unfortunate that part was hidden for so long, but I'm glad I was able to watch it and have it being me back to that time in my life. You're rad Bastien, keep ripping dude!
bast1ensalabanzi 1389289100
Thanks you so much!! @josephboche @lionsandanchors
bnovoa85 1391017160
@bastiensalabanzi sequoia Newbury park rail!
j_caldwell_ 1391670024
Huge fan! You've been killin it for years! From the streets to the league, you're #inspiring keep up the hard work!
because4martin 1394601108
Dude you are a #legend loved your lost part new Favorite Skater on Deck! @bastiensalabanzi
rickyserrano 1396628140
You've been my favorite for a while my dude you're too raw #missthedreads #fullcabflipsfordays
rickyserrano 1396628219
Beverly rail line had me like 😭🙈
juanry14 1400394578
Great part!!! @bastiensalabanzi
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