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Super rainy day today, good thing my studio mates weren't in, skated flat on the plywood floor for a while. #vancouverneedsanindoorpark #skateeverydayin2014

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brandon_bateman 1388702960
smithbone 1388703116
@jamcouver is working on it.... Help&support each other to get what we want
jamcouver 1388703518
@mccranker @smithbone You said it brotha! We're doing our best here but can use all the help from the community we can get. The only way to make it happen is if we all work together to create a community space, instead of the for-profit model we're used to seeing. 2014 is the year!! #vancouverneedsanindoorpark
jaywalker604 1388704408
There's an abandoned warehouse across the water from marine skytrain. Directly across from the DIY spot next to the water. Big green warehouse on the Richmond side of the water. Not much there, but ground is smooth and it stays dry.
paulsilvester74 1388706835
Always keen for switching up some street spots when I'm not working and it's not raining @mccranker
michael_cutestory 1388711486
The plaza is a step in the right direction. we don't need a wear house with waivers. All we need is cover and sufficient weeping tile and storm water drainage systems.
michael_cutestory 1388711532
All of which needs to considered more when a budget for a park comes foreword.
kylerhale 1388726427
What about the dryspot?
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