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Shane Oneill

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New Year's clip is up on @berrics now, thanks for filming today @chaseingabor Goodluck in 2014 everyone!

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Shane Oneill
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juanangeloh 1389055328
I saw this video on the berries. Bro you fucking killed it! I don't know how you do it man. You're insane!
kellyhart 1389149671
This was amazing! Love watching you skate Shane!
elijah__duke 1389165460
@kellyhart are u stalking shanes page? Huh huh huh are ya? Are ya? ARE YA?
liamsk8s 1389405325
Oh my gosh, how did I forget to say happy b-day to my favorite skateboarder @shanejoneill. Your my inspiration and I hope to become as great as you are, you should of defenently won soty and your run and gun was sick, like you as usuall, but happy b-day (the same day as my dad)!
5.paul 1389551343
Nollie flip bs overkrook ...
stonemcginley 1390621966
Best skater
maltosimukonda 1393625938
My hero😆@shanejoneill
raulzer4as 1439694792
Hey @shanejoneill When do I get a shape of your brand, also skateboard and I am in need, I'm from Brazil, I would really like it if YOU would give me a shape, thanks for the recognition
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