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Max Schaaf

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Here's to a Happy New Year. May you be around real people that give as much as they take, and you enjoy health and happiness. Keep the passions burning and fight the homogenization and conformity of all things you love. Thanks for the people that inspire and help to support 4Q . #4q #2014 #skateanddestroy #rideachopper #itsnotadrag #brainwashvictim #freedom

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Max Schaaf
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brandonlasko 1389215962
@4q69 vertical wizardry? We're here.
4q69 1389217498
@brandonlasko I'll try man. Thanks 🔥
danimal103 1389254874
Love ya Max... keep on jammin. @4q69
wigatoni 1389316575
ara_v 1389811628
Cheers Max!!! A super 2014 to you man!!! Hope to ride some more together this year...
4q69 1389831442
@ara_v you too man and thanks for everything and all the support
sh33sh 1392914973
Happy birthday, Max!
wichitahecknaw 1394942106
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