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Meek Mill

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Happy bday 2 my youngin @chino_mmg #dreamchasers #4life

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Meek Mill
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matlovesjaymie 1389413774
Bad ass fucking bike
matlovesjaymie 1389413787
Wish I had a bike like tht
jah_kapone 1389637452
Chino face priceless
148.ty 1389908496
Whats the edit called?
braylmusic 1390026370
@meekmill I seen homie in ATLANTA when James Stewart won the joint. And the crazy sh!t was he was rippen it with the tricks, helmet on w/ full outfit, cuz had da crowd goin ham, this young dude took the helmet off and the whole crowd went mute like OOOOOH SH1T!!!! Im in that mf BOOSTED AS HELL!!! That's that other market my G!!!
lindseymooney1 1390291314
Ole Malcolm... What up meek! Just wanna tell you that you made it and I'm proud of you! It's also pretty dope to see such a successful rapper into dirt bikes like you are. I feel you on that I use to ride myself back in the day check my Insta. I was top 2 in that oneal model search. We got some shit in common. Lemme know if you goin to any east coast sx.
conwayg1 1390606673
He look scurred hah #ygLife
joeymac794 1400039273
Dam bro can you I get a bday gift my bday is this mouth on may27
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