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Leaving 2013 in the dust. Check @theboardr site for a recap of the year for us, TheBoardr.com. I'm taking one last look in the rear view...

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Rob Meronek
porpe 1388527937
Amazing recap. Happy New Year Poppa Rob.
scottyb813 1388532328
That was awesome
fotosetbyjames 1388533752
Great write up. Looks like history in the making.
kevin_m_ryan 1388670820
@meronek Hey Rob! I used an article of yours from "Nerdsday Thursdays" or something of the like that documented the change in statistics of skateboarders in brackets from the youngest to the oldest from 2004 to 2012
kevin_m_ryan 1388671061
I used it in a speech for my Communications class and the information was accurate and helpful! :) The 34% drop from 2004 to 2012 was disappointing so I encouraged my class to start skating in order to increase the total number of skaters. That was over a month ago and here I am just finding out you have an Instagram. Thank you for your contribution to skateboarding and your endeavors to keep it alive! Cheers!! :D @meronek
meronek 1388675297
Wow awesome @kmrskates, I'm trying to do much of the same stuff with @theboardr now. Thanks for checking it out!
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