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This is a perfect example of #spookymoderate. The avi forecast is Moderate so causing an avalanche will be hard to do. But if something does slide it will be big and probably kill someone. When reading your local avi report beware of the words PERSISTENT DEEP LAYER. This means the weakness in the pack will most likely be there most of the season and should always be a concern EVEN if it has not snowed in weeks. #avalanchawarenessmonth

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Jones Snowboards
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jeezythesteezy 1388440407
It's gonna be a sketchy season pretty much everywhere in bc is my guess
vanisland_cale 1388447245
@jeezythesteezy god u said it man. Mtns out here on the island still closed tho but other places are gunna start having this happen so hiking lines becomes sketchy :(
trent_meisenheimer 1388454568
Should be like climbing ratings... Moderate X just like a 5.10 X or R
trent_meisenheimer 1388454589
strongkeys 1388464017
Thank you.
sarge1957 1388544483
What this also illustrates is the relationship between probability and consequence. This is what determines your risk. What is worse, high probability of a small side, or low probability of a large slide? This is a trick question.
natureboarder 1388801994
pbourdon231 1392872195
In other words #colorado every season. Lol. @jonessnowboards
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