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Ryan DeCenzo

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One of my favorite ads for my pro shoe #thedelta by @globebrand #kickflip5050 #skateboarding #goodshoe #ditchlivin

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Ryan DeCenzo
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raimartinez_ 1388603171
When are you dropping a new video???
brand0000n 1388633500
Hope your ankle gets better man it sucks knowing that your not out there killing it I'm from Canada too and your a big inspiration for me get we'll soon Ryan!!!
ryandecenzo 1388701710
@raimartinez96 hopefully in the next six months! It's been hard with this ankle injury
ryandecenzo 1388701760
@brandoncameron27 thanks man! I'll be shredding again soon!!!
brand0000n 1388702481
iamthalente 1388797395
Thank you so much for that post man!!👊 @decenzzzz means a lot to me🙏💯 hope your heeling up well👌 you'll you back in know time😃
ryandecenzo 1388803279
@iamthalente yeah homie of course! Hope everything works out!!! Cheers! 👊
marcoscasteluber 1391095177
#pesaiu nessa ai heim @rodrigohaberfeld @lucasfink98 @emega84
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