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Ryan Clements

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Abandoned hotels, empty swimming pools, and cars driving on the sand. Yep, I'm in Daytona Beach. This is the first time I've been here outside of Bike Week in years, and it's looking pretty desolate.

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1388251909
I don't know @thegreek666...on a family vacation!
robertbrink 1388253672
Life without guidos ...
superflexsosa 1388253827
Every time I go to Daytona I remember why I never want to go back, it's not very nice, there's hardly anything to do, and the beach never looks that great, or even the people on the beach at that. Daytona kinda blows. And to that one guy who asked about the pools, no there is hardly anything to skate there few spots, but again, Daytona blows
superflexsosa 1388253832
jordanfoster13 1388255374
There's a rad bank to wall spot not too far from you
bodychrons 1388255926
You coming home for the #shaqueefamixtapevol2 premier right @rtclem ???
rtclem 1388256047
I'm sorry to tell you that I'm missing it @bodychrons. I'm bummed, but my father-in-law is in town and we are doing a little family getaway. @meronek will be coming from @theboardr. @porpe is gone, too.
theboardr 1388263046
@bodychrons yep I'll be there, apartment clubhouse stance
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