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Cj Tambornino

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#howto break in your @boneswheels #stf wheels for in the indoor park when you can't take em for a spin outside first. #basement #tictactics helps out a grip! Slipping around on Masonite with new wheels has always been a #petpeeve of mine!

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Cj Tambornino
gg_edweirdo 1388174765
Cool Sticker Job 🔴 @cj_Tambo 👍
jaywalker604 1388186985
Wheels don't feel right untill you do! Haha it's all about that layer of grit to stop that bad flat spot from happening. @crisadellic
jaywalker604 1388187065
And slipping out haha
holiday.donell 1393095598
wtvrdwg 1393206376
@cj_tambo stop fucken with bones and get some spitfire formula 4s.. They are the BEST
cj_tambo 1393218398
@dawge there to slick at indoor skateparks for me. Bones are the only wheels I don't flat spot.
wtvrdwg 1393466992
@cj_tambo we'll try out the formula 4s because they are abnormally good..
boogooo 1394111513
@dawge bones always always bones
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