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Meek Mill

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A hater can't never say nothing around me!

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Meek Mill
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nae2kold 1390187360
cecsimoninc 1390667656
Love this, I'd hang this in my room. Artist is talented
mocofinest 1391573470
Okay plz read this look I rap okay but see all my friends and people at my school always like I can't do it cuz I am not as good as other rappers and I jus wanna shot I kno u wouldn't do this for anyone else but plz for me your my favorite rapper and the best one in my opinion now I am jus askin for a shot so if u could reply to this it would mean a lot and help me out a lot I can rap ain't no lie bout dat
mocofinest 1391573761
Oh and also I too believe in chasing your dreams and I wanna make mine a reality
shawneebey415 1391746650
@likastar85 girl wtf wrong wit her Fareal. You tried to dumb it down for her @feelfree2envyme n she just don't get it. Sht heavy ain't it tho
likastar85 1391773664
Lmao @shawnee415
icanbeyourfanasty 1392296500
Love it
__vanityslave 1419293555
@meekmill click that link in my bio
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