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Photo from jamie_foy

The best rail in south florida is gonee!!! Sooo bummed. Had a lot planned for this rail. Street spots are disappearing by the day down here :'( I need to get out of here ASAP! To the skater that got hurt here and then tried to sue........ FUCK YOU! People like you is why skateing is a dying breed in south florida...... i hope ur happy #scumbags #youhurtyourownself #lastofadyingbreed #skateeverdamnday #whileyoucan #ripdelraymotorsrail #gonebutnotforgotten

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bocajen 1388322228
jpgarciask8er 1388806247
Ohh maine
haynesbudday 1390330664
Honestly I got a trick on it and took the rail down. I don't wanna be showed up.
dbskates25 1396578016
I met the kid whos dad manages that mini warehouse. the dad took donwn the rail for insurance and liability purposes. has it hidden
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