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John Lucero

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Goodmorning! Boston! More than a feeling! Peace of mind! Rock &Roll band! Smokin'! Let me take you Home tonight! 1976! Awesome!

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John Lucero
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hungrytraveler13 1387480654
I have had this album in every medium from the record to digital download and everything in between. Awesome!!!
blacksabotage 1387480896
Hitch a ride!!
morriszilla 1387482304
Denny's mug?!? Nostiglic!
headlock 1387495565
@billywood_1977 yeah, me neither. Now I ONLY see guitars. It's actually a cool art concept for an album cover. I wanted this album painted on the back of my jean jacket, but couldn't afford it...
djack 1387499329
@lucero_rip my favourite album, takes me back to skating Kona skatepark in Jacksonville Fl (hometown)
alpinebunch 1387508596
lucero_rip 1392658883
fabrimaple 1417573979
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