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Ryan Clements

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Here's the view from when I flew out of LAX on Saturday morning. I've been home in Tampa for only a few days, and early tomorrow morning @porpe and I will be back on a plane to SF to help @ishodwair celebrate being crowned SOTY. Hey @nealhendrix, please note that no wing in the photo = first class.

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Ryan Clements
skandrew 1387407701
Dude hit me up when you and @porpe get to SF! I live in SF. The soty party is gonna be a good one! @rtclem
nealhendrix 1387407739
Haha. Lookin good. I can tell there wasn't a wing photoshopped out of this photo. Nice bi-coastal commute schedule you've been on 👍👍
pilar_la_dura 1387409829
bello! @rtclem
mercyfulskate 1387410328
Hit me up @rtclem Ill be at the SOTY party
daviddddw 1387410404
Gonna be back down your way from jan 1-7
rodent516 1387414095
Must be nice. Never been there
2byc 1387417528
@rtclem how long are you in sf for?
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