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Ryan DeCenzo

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BOOYEAH!!! New ankle!! no foreign metal bike chain lookin objects in there no mo!!! #nomometal #feelsgood thanks @redbull @redbullcanada and #discsportandspine #discmedicalgroup @discsportandspine @discmedicalgroup #cannotwaitto shredagain

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Ryan DeCenzo
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shredthefrets 1387266881
I miss skateboarding... :'(
mykejohnson89 1387290039
From your local streets of Surrey and the locals in it, heal quick champ. We watching you kill it. Come back sometime. Stuff has changed incredibly.
alexeysamovar 1387311203
karen_myers_ 1387503355
Thank you for the likes 😊💋
missalexisscott 1387674834
Wow that's crazy!
mdri.__ 1388097425
Damn bro!!! I have two screws, I'm gonna get them taken off to skate!
__cha0s__ 1402636176
Hyped to see you killin it still bud, I've got 20 screws and 2 plates in mine since February 2012, and dr's cut my big toe tendon, hoping to get them removed this summer and fixed up. Keep doin your thing dude, It's inspiring to know I'm not the only one goin thru this. - cheers
vincentbrickey 1403367868
You're my inspiration. I just did the same thing.
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