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Ryan Clements

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As the sun set on Stoner Plaza on Friday night, I witnessed the rare sight of @nyjah_huston actually falling on a trick. Here is the proof, as he recovers from a switch flip bs 5-0 attempt on the hubba. Beats being hungover in the car though, right @davidloy? Thanks for taking me @vegan_nerd.

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Ryan Clements
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nicktucker 1387163768
@rtclem u in my hood?
pat_rriicckk 1387166837
Were you there? @kitunes
kitunes 1387167234
@pattipuss naw!
kitunes 1387171512
@pattipuss I was in dtla all day.
pat_rriicckk 1387173695
Nice! Hit me up if you come down to sd @kitunes
rtclem 1387195755
Haha @collinwier.
rtclem 1387195808
Oh yeah @scarecodeine, I took a good one. Chiropractor visit tomorrow @vegan_nerd.
rtclem 1387195853
I was @nickfucker, but I'm home in Tampa already. I'll call you today...promise!
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