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1978 Remington Model 870, .20 gauge Shotgun. Merry Christmas to self! @remingtonfirearms @civilware #civilarms #firearmsalesunlimited #classic photo: @gryzlly

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Geoff Rowley
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brgiffox 1387045747
@geoffrowley they are the gatherers, let them stay home and knit sweaters and scarfs.. Skate legend/conservation/self sufficient
brgiffox 1387046685
Personally I fear a man that can't put his own food on his own table-
garrettmustin 1387051490
@geoffrowley I had a model 1100 a few years older than yours. use to go out with my dad almost every weekend with it! Good memories, be safe!!
coleglindmeyer 1387067348
@theofficialheisenberg @carmac_volvo
geoffrowley 1387072593
I can't help what I was born to do. @j_o_s_h_o
wesrm 1387732021
@geoffrowley I love your gun photos Geoff and I hope the people of England one day overturn their gun ban law.
geoffrowley 1387771434
That's very unlikely, we can always hope. :) @wesrm
21sneakerman 1388263791
@geoffrowley cool pic man
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