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For almost 20 years @tetongravity has been documenting cutting edge riding. But it is much more then just a film company. It is about evolution and breaking new ground. Evolution comes from education, knowledge and hard work. TGR gives riders the tools and environment to take their riding to new heights. And most importantly to do it safely. It is about the rider. It is about taking the knowledge from the past leaders and handing it down to the future leaders. It started 20 years ago with our heroes like Doug Coombs, Tom Burt and the Hatchett brothers opening their play book to us and passing on their knowledge. Once a year TGR gets riders and the production crew together for 3 days to work on new skills and refresh old ones. We review the year. What went right, what went wrong. Do we need to make changes in our protocol? This is the backbone of progression. Huge thanks to the guides, instructors and TGR for making this happen! #iprw #avalanchawarenessmonth #jjoneshigher pic @fieldingmiller

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Jones Snowboards
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Sign me up @jonessnowboards!
trapjaw92 1386964146
This is awesome!
mrsbee.leach 1386966889
Thank you for taking us deeper, further, higher with you so we can see amazing places most riders will never be able to visit. Through your eyes (and lenses) we can all appreciate the most extreme winters on earth!
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patajonia 1387084666
Where can I find out more about the gear you use for camping/winter nights. My 8year old loves winter camping and I'm interested in combining my love of riding. Boots? Stove? Sleeping kit? Please respond!!! @jonessnowboards my email is patajonia@gmail.com
jonessnowboards 1387215965
@patajonia It is the same kit as summer but more fuel and clothes.. The one thing I do not cut corners on is my sleeping bag and pad. If you are warm at night you will be fine. Booties and an extra pair of socks is essential too.
salar_analog 1388335173
Have u been here also ?? @taniamoosavi
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