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jameslashley 1432848638
Where is the back truck?
dobbs864 1439003380
Black cats! My first skate video "when you were young and your heart was an open book..."
sk8rlyfe 1446423329
But thats a Walmart board... Lol.
delikthedesigner 1447112849
almostnoah 1449100869
jerry, man i have to say, your bag of suck video is literally the reason i started skating. skating has done so much for me and im so happy to be inspired by such a phenomenal skater such as yourself. thanks for everything you do in the skate world and for the many skaters who look up to you. thank you! -noah
p.t.q 1449607131
guiriknows 1449622964
@p.t.q jaajajjaaj grandeeee
micmasterk420 1454703647
The first love @internetfamous
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