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Max Schaaf

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Digging through tons of memories and just found the Holly Grail of skate videos. Watched this VHS 100000000 times. Got it fot free from @jimthiebaud cause it was "broke". Operated on it for hours, to make it play. Also found this Kareem Cambell 36.5 mm wheel that I always saved to remember how crazy it all got in the 90's. #theblindvideo #gonz #lilguy #vert #nightskating #love #thebestvideoever

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Max Schaaf
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brandonlasko 1388011181
Merry Christmas and happy holidays and all that stuff Max. Have a good one. @4q69
4q69 1388014345
@brandonlasko you too man🚀
brandonlasko 1388349784
@4q69 vert today. Were already here.
andy_oxidant 1389829243
zipitone 1393620632
i remember gizmos.
troublecoffeeco 1396619663
godfreyvintage 1397512956
Damn great video!
denelussenden 1446996546
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