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Ryan Clements

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Prior to this weekend, I had not entered that building for 11 months. It was great to see a lot of friends and parents I haven't crossed paths with in a while. You guys made my day.

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Ryan Clements
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rcoreysmith 1386821321
Thanks for having me over with Montesi to the BBQ you have an amazing driveway I had a great time it was also good seeing you at the park @rtclem
I came out for the concert! Heard you was around. I haven't been in the spot since Rob left. Nothing against Brian I just felt like I was in a strangers home. I knew no one! I'm sure I'll someday ease up in there and meet the new family but the vibe isn't the same! Miss you guys all the Spot core staff! It's like a bad dream!
@rtclem 👆
rtclem 1386861562
Hell yeah @rcoreysmith. Great to have you man. Plan on it again next time you're in town.
rtclem 1386861812
Things change @blackneck_adventures, and I had to accept that rather quickly to survive in skateboarding. Going back was cool for me, but that's my old career and I'm now living my new one. As I said in the post, I miss the people, too. But you can come visit us in our new place really soon. You'll see. Miss you buddy.
franchizeboi 1387006146
Well I hope to see you in March my friend whwn Im there for #tampapro and I deff wanna visit u and the #dreamdriveway @rtclem you are a true role model, legend and most of all a great friend and family man. Much love bro.
rtclem 1387039943
Plan on coming a day early like last year @franchizeboi. Much love back my man. Thank you for the kind words.
franchizeboi 1387040216
Yes, Imma try to show up 2 days early this year. @rtclem hopefully finish my other sleeve before I go down
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