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#tbt Duh, this needs a caption. @erickoston @olsonstuff @slj1000


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trois.mille 1386353657
"is this the line to get the beer, or the line to get the tickets to buy the beer?"
thee.j.hall 1386353942
Koston even sharts with style...
mercedesbenzo 1386361873
@3_000 it's the coke line... I mean Congo line... Right @erickoston
aleclandingham 1386369153
Look at koston @matt_rodriguez99 he's stoned
kalea.connor 1386386200
And you wonder why I get embarrassed walking around with you 😆 I miss you papa ❤️
vvnsoo 1387490522
What the fuck is going with your eyes? @erickoston
wickneiss 1401906966
@mstempel23 damn son You and Erik koston look pretty damn similar
mstempel23 1401908701
Yeah I'm his stunt double @wickneiss that was me skating in yeah right
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