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Ryan Clements

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I had the pleasure of hosting the Nike SB China Team at my home on Sunday. We fished, skated the #dreamdriveway, and BBQ'd (thanks @jennaclements and @porpe), but what better way to end the ultimate American experience than to bust out the guns? @johnny_tang got some target practice with the BB gun from @jgissal. I didn't get any pics of the dudes messing with the Glock and .357 unfortunately.

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Ryan Clements
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davidjnook 1386040239
In town Friday to Monday am. Would love to just do one off these listed!!!
elijahkislevitz 1386051520
Dude....hahaha! Awesome!
rtclem 1386071762
@davidjnook email me and let's hook up: Ryan@TheBoardr.com.
puff_tuff 1386553957
Thanks again!! Best day in tampa for sure!
rtclem 1386555480
I know, right @elijahkislevitz!
rtclem 1386555556
Hell yeah @puff_tuff!
elijahkislevitz 1386555833
Got to link up dude.... @rtclem
rtclem 1386556342
Hopefully I have an excuse to come to China in 2014 @elijahkislevitz.
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