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Ryan Clements

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You know what's gangsta? Riding a mutha f-ing horse through tha hood! That's G as hell. I swung by my office on Saturday morning, which is located on Columbus in Ybor City, and as soon as @jtgiroux and I pulled up, this is what we saw. Makes me want to get one...

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Ryan Clements
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maytwotimes 1385911135
See this dude all the time
itsannamaephoto 1385912438
That just made my day. Hahah I wonder if he has a stable.
pnutrok1 1385913745
Where's da six shooter
mymustache 1385913895
There's not a horse clause in our lease agreement is there ??
coyoteblood 1385914814
You should totally get one.
jrobert33 1385915631
Have the horse tow you on your board... now that's rad
duncanstrength 1385924287
Lmao this is so damn funny @rtclem
yacob316 1385925759
You wont! but totally should!
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