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Ryan DeCenzo

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@drdavidsales has been helping me get this rolled ankle back to 100% hopefully be skating hard again soon! #almostthere #nextlevelrehab #redlaser #THISSHITWORKS @thereddragons @globebrand

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Ryan DeCenzo
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i_werkk 1385590054
I need some of that
knuxdeluxe 1385590331
Any works if you believe it can
joshoyen 1385603586
Thats what im trying to get when i go back to the states @dlobrecht
aiden_tho96 1385654379
I keep rolling my ankles do you know any ways to either help stop them rolling or to make them better? @decenzzzz
jon___rogers 1385687892
@aidents dude do ankle exersizes like write. The alphebet with your ankle and wear an ankle brace helps a ton
alecsrg 1385693800
Thank you for like to my photo @decenzzzz 😁👊
aiden_tho96 1385758495
@jon___rogers yeah I do wear ankle supports. With the alphabet do you mean moving your foot to mimic the letters?
jon___rogers 1385758544
Yeah it really works
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