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Ryan Clements

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Friends that visit the #dreamdriveway often ask, "Is your neighbor cool with this?" Hell yeah he is! Early Saturday morning "bonfire." That's how we still do it in Tampa.

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Ryan Clements
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nose_prick 1385323560
Just chilling @rtclem but yeah I'll be in Florida this summer and I contacted Jorge and he said I could come skate the #dreamdriveway if that would be ok
jannehatula 1385398542
Big up for SPoT Life; I'm hooked :-) Been watching them all. Real inspired by what ya'll do! Regards, a 33-year-old skater from Helsinki, Finland.
rtclem 1385518388
Stay in contact with @porpe and let's do this @khalilamore01!
rtclem 1385518418
What's up @fanujanne. I'm not with SPoT anymore...since January...but thank you for watching!
jannehatula 1385553796
Ah, I see! Who's ruling the roost at SPOT now and doing spot life? Why did you leave? I hope you're equally stoked with whatever it is you're doing at the moment :-)
nose_prick 1385563702
@rtclem I will stay in contact, and that would be soo sick
rtclem 1385564869
That's all Schaefer now @fanujanne. @meronek, @porpe, and I are now at @theboardr. We're good man. Thank you.
jannehatula 1385572139
Ah! The Boardr looking tight! Will keep my eye on it. Keep it real :-)
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