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Ryan Clements

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This flying squirrel has decided to take up residence in my attic by chewing through the wood siding of my home. He is tearing up the insulation to use for bedding and discarding his used acorns wherever he pleases. This is a serious territory battle. He doesn't know how competitive I am.

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Ryan Clements
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kyleberard 1384832588
I was thinking the same thing. @rbradfurd @cullentraverso @rtclem coast is clear for that lil guy.
rope_27 1384833310
Capture it by forcing it lower. It'll be more controllable...net, towel,or blanket that sucka!
dandwyre 1384838535
BB gun
circlea_skateboards 1384844579
Pocket pistol by Wrist Rocket.
theschwom 1384860513
One word - taxidermy
brkwsr 1384867751
Shop vac that little intruder!
debbiekiernan 1384870414
May the best mammal win!
rbradfurd 1384881725
Swing and a miss! I bet there is a bunch of orange peels up there. @kyleberard @cullentraverso
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