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Blair Alley

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"The thing with digital photography and the Internet is that anyone can be published. Anyone can post something online. That’s why I always want to have something in print; otherwise it wouldn’t hold any weight for me. You don’t have to go through much of an editing process, other people didn’t have to make decisions on your work: “Is this good enough? Is this sharp enough? Is this well-lit enough?” You know? With a magazine, only the best shit gets through. If you can do that then you’re a real photographer. Any idiot can post some Instagram photo and put a filter on it. That doesn’t make you a photographer."-- @davechami 🗻 Legend in the making. Deaflens.net

blair.alley Instagram profile picture
Blair Alley
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dr_uzie 1384815928
Thank you for this post and amazing words!
clbryant 1384819687
cortizphoto 1384827253
Nailed it on this post @blairlylegal , @davechami, those who have ever had a photo published know the feeling
shinybrightskies 1384847005
Fuck it all... I miss dark room developing. I liked being hands on in the developing process. Also, everything you said up there 👍
rafagonzalezphoto 1384978136
darioson 1385032713
Legit words bro...
arnettestagram 1385137937
The truth!
goskatejose 1385501022
Heppend to me , photo got poblished but no credit towards me
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