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Ryan Clements

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Spent some time on Friday evening with @capttomkiernan. Two years ago we started my back piece and Tom suggested we do a full body suit. So yes, I'm getting my ass fully tattooed.

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1384791519
Thanks @thecookerlyboys!
rtclem 1384791550
Thanks @paulflores86! Hope you're well my man.
rtclem 1384791663
Haha @brkwsr! I don't plan on going naked outside, so I'm good. Haha.
rtclem 1384791700
I'm looking forward to showing you in person @pbr_fl. Now that's weird.
rtclem 1384791779
I'm texting you some private pics @jamiethomas and @toreypudwill1!
pattremblay 1384822140
hey @rtclem .. whats ur mail or phone so i can reach
rtclem 1384828202
Email me at Ryan@TheBoardr.com @pattremblay. I'll give you my phone number from there!
pattremblay 1384836838
cool i sent u a mail @rtclem
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