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Paul Rodriguez

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Self explanatory.... @nikesb #goldboard

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Paul Rodriguez
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joaco.gonzalez 1384426339
Great park
e_rod____ 1384438454
That's a sick park
pepegiraldi 1384448884
thank you for like on me photo
manuels_z 1384511836
@prod84 What's up man your my idol. I love skateboarding just as much as you do & I want to succeed as much as I want to breathe. Only thing holding me back is some skate shoes. My life would feel complete if you actually donated me some shoes to allow me to skate. My name is Manuel Guillen I live in 13991 shadow Dr Fontana ca. Thanks if you could do that but if not it changes nothing. I still have you as a role model bro
gian_mattedi_f 1384537346
O pista linda meu deus
_davidwebster_ 1384612058
Why did u quit plan b
ireylifelivn_ill 1384718953
That's wats up right there @prod84
livingxlegyn512 1385621795
Cause plan b aint paying like nike sb. Read a book @daviddooz
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