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What happened in the Phillipines last friday is so unfortunate! @peoplewater will donate $1 for every repost. So do it!!πŸ‘

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Nyjah Huston
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xxdanielacastroxx 1390523319
Me to
thesavagekid420 1391662610
Sad ;(
davidespat 1392272158
@nyjah_huston Hey,what's going on Nyjah. Huge fan from Hesperia. Listen up my g,I'm a full time college student skating,dancing everyday and trying to complete my major in Cinematography. Just recently my parents/guardians have gotten in a divorce and it's effecting me with school. I'm not asking for any type of financial help but I had recently seen a video on The Berrics on the Brooklyn Boyz and I thought it was a beautiful documentary. I was going to ask you as a fan that doesn't nag to you every other day if you can put in a word on my struggle in trying to chase my dream. I would like to help out at the Berrics when it comes to productions or even clean the damn place. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles with no parents,and It was harsh. Now I'm just putting all those memories to the side and moving forward,but this divorce is killing my education. My transportation isn't available all the time so now I'm doing what I have always been doing skating,dancing,filming,and looking for work.I would highly appreciate this Nyjah,please,I care about my education. Can you please contact me at (760)680-9253 or email me at espat0420@yahoo.com
davidespat 1392272440
This account is made up,so it's nothing official. I stay away from this social network type of thing. I made it so that I could keep updates on X Games,Street League,Dew Tour, and pros such as yourself. You've inspired me a lot growing up,and still till this day. Thank you Nyjah Be safe out there,don't get to comfortable on the board. I want to see you growing as a legend still,your the greatest man. Deuces brotha
davidespat 1392272462
davidespat 1392272634
I'm 19 by the way,if you were wondering @nyjah_huston
crazey_skater_1 1403517609
do honk for Phillipines go on the road with a sign and it says honk for Phillipines and every time some person honks u donate 5 dollers
gavinxford 1429244849
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