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Who's got the best graphic in the new series? @johnny__layton ???

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Billy Marks
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mbell321 1384311337
Hahahahaha this is so sick! I want Harmony's one! @mitch_broadstock
rdubzchill 1384315307
Templeton still ceases to amaze me
friendzoneben 1384349796
colin provost's is awesome along with matt bennett's. i would get the set if i could @billy_marks
rudy1017_ 1384966702
johnny layton
timothyuntalan 1395638416
Yo Billy, I was the dude filming the guy do big flip at la Canada earlier today. I just really wanted to thank you for giving my friend a brand new deck otherwise we wouldn't have gotten the line. You made today a successful day because that's the only clip we got, but it was a good line. We wouldn't have gotten it if it weren't for you. You're the man! Thanks again for saving the day!
billy_marks 1395641418
@timothyuntalan for sure man. Glad he got it. Sorry the other homie didn't get his line. It was looking soo good too!
theimaginaryman 1397699279
@billy_marks with every new deck johnny layton gets they should hide the actual pic of his dick within each graphic. Make people search for the stuff
travismacdowell 1399177338
I would love a @billy_marks deck handing on tegans wall..... PLEASE
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