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Sierra Fellers

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Ran the @tough_mudder with @eddiewall and 5 ROTC cadets for @havoctv today. Was for sure the toughest physical challenge I've done. 11 miles, 20 obstacles and 14'000 people. Thanks so much for today @therealpaulyz @chitotafy @muiricane and @ericlongden.

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Sierra Fellers
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muiricane 1384060822
Sierra, you absolutely killed it today! Complete stallion, stud, champion status! Bravo. Gigantic thank you bud! You rule. Hot shower. Sleep tight. Havoc owes you big. Very impressive today!!!!!! Pure macho.
thefellers 1384061961
@muiricane thanks so much man! As much as I wanted to die, it was worth it and actually pretty fun. I'll prolly see u guys Monday. Gotta come into havoc to rap out with zack.
thefellers 1384073768
@jona_emm yeah! It was insane! U get shocked?
_jaredlee 1384095194
odezzi 1384097965
Crazy did 1 this too....got zapped after the first bail of hay at the finish mid air instant shut down with a face plant in the mud..pretty sure I blacked out! Haahaha
thefellers 1384111708
@odezzi haha. That happened to @eddiewall in the first 10 feet. Haha😂
thefellers 1384111770
@jona_emm haha. Not chill! Getting shocked is the worst. 😬
thefellers 1384148558
@jona_emm ya the enema is so jacked! I cramped for the last 2 miles straight. 😬
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