Photo from heyitschriskelly

Just delivered this beauty... Pumped on how this turned out! #seminoleheights

keithburnson 1383870218
Congrats on this @heyitschriskelly. Prob one of the best signs I've seen in a bit. Where did you get it made at?
heyitschriskelly 1383871371
Thanks @keithburnson I'll send you the info in an email
chadmize 1383874745
Great sign CK
krou813 1383878745
Can't remember their opening date?!? Can't wait!
heyitschriskelly 1383879310
Thanks @chadmize
heyitschriskelly 1383879334
They're still waiting to announce @krou813
krou813 1383879377
Well the sign looks awesome.
heyitschriskelly 1383879409
Thanks, the place looks great too! @krou813
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