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The unsung heroes of #deeperfurtherhigher are the camera men. They need a huge tolerance for suffering, carrying heavy packs, waking up early in below zero temps and hiking all day to get a shot. Here are three of the best on location for #jjoneshigher. @ziomoo @nickkalisz @jxnfigs Not pictured, @curleyphotos @andrew_miller @curleyphotos #shredmans @tetongravity #thejourneyisthereward

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Jones Snowboards
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aklisa 1383824314
Bravo! To the film crew who truly make it all possible! No film crew, no footage, no fans, no sponsors, no funding.... and no seeds of dreams that change the world. Heros indeed; for you we're all thankful. Hand warmers all around! 😉
green_dragon_ 1383837735
liteprogear 1383840524
@instamikeagram @jcizzler that's the #liteprogear #feathercrane with @nickkalisz
nicholascahill 1383847962
Yup @jcizzler that's because @liteprogear only has his gear in the right hands 😎
I just have to say i watched your movies deeper and further and they were great inspiration for me to step up in my snowboarding skills and i love the POW program its great @jonessnowboards
annieinthewater 1383862702
It's all about the shot. Awesome seeing the guys behind the camera get props. Big ups guys!
hangtenrp 1383930048
Thanxs for all the hard work that got those shot got
hangtenrp 1383930100
For us to enjoy.
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