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Tim Gavin

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@tillys available at Tilly's this week. Hibernation sensation.

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Tim Gavin
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motionsk8 1383713771
Could we open an account for Indonesia??
salmasekela 1383714879
You're going to be more rich @therealgav
losermachine 1383714942
@therealgav do signature pillow cases and bed sheets too.
zackdwarren 1383722325
@therealgav is just to damn smart
jameshigg 1383722431
alexfilho 1383732919
Hey Gav, I'd really like to talk to you at some point if possible. I've designed something that is so basic and so missing from the skateboard setting up process that it will make you wonder how no one has ever created it before. Now all I need is someone with the connections and know how.. That is where you come in. I'm only asking for 10 minutes of your time and I promise you won't regret it. Feel free to email me alxndrfilho@gmail.com
mikecarter777 1383747760
Epic @therealgav bring it
doubleddyer 1383749977
Gav @therealgav are my pillows in the mail?
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