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Eazy E Jalaburrr

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Woot woot ! Got a few clips today cant wait for this video to drop ..... and shouts out to this girl for changing my whole day around . You the best @rpennyy @spottampa @blindskate @dgk @paradise_wheels @ergo_clothing #sketchy #runup #kickflip #ibelieveicanfly

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Eazy E Jalaburrr
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fraziergotswaggfoo 1383706241
dakotahunt_ 1383707225
Hell yeah markus !
zunixls 1383709303
So sick!! Send in this picture or other ones to zunixco@hotmail.com if you want us to post it!
paradise_wheels 1383799614
Palm harbor!!! That roll up sucks!
rickyflipsk8 1383942416
jamvl 1385318756
Get there my boy! @markus5
mellowman941 1388476066
@markus5 ey you should totally gimmi a shout out and get me some followers, lol I'm starting this thrend lol where people share and gimmi shout outs and I'm tryn to make it viral, let's go for it!!
markus5 1388503631
Gotyu homie just need a pic
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