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Nyjah Huston

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Lil homie killin it! Haha @lilromediddy

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Nyjah Huston
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shilynn_averie 1387179895
I want @nyjah_huston for Christmas please @_mikayladae
_mikayladae 1387231426
@shilynn_averie okay😏👍
frterezix_ 1387402406
Krasny :)))
keturaaah 1388125689
Omg! Love that little boy!
shankbeast 1388346095
abycasram 1390069350
Oooo <3.<3 My love
dieselsimon 1390755692
It's not a girl @roxycasillas99
mychehowe 1439434708
FRONTLINE SKATEPARK! Hey Nyjah. I remember when you were about 7 years old. I used to be the TM at Supernaut and would drop off packages to your dad back then. I would go with Matt Pailes, Matt Rodriguez, and Aric Hondel, drop off boards for you and skate the park. You ripped then and I knew you would turn out to be something special. I couldn't be more stoked for you. I'm the International Sales Manager at NHS now. Stoked to have you riding Ricta and Mob! Just wanted to say, don't listen to the jealous haters and keep doing your thing. Not sure if you will ever see this. Just wanted to send my props. Super proud of who you've become. Take good care. -Myche
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