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Keegan Sauder

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Two more back thanks to Juan is San Jose. That's 3 bikes from the San Jose Capitol flea market. And all 3 of andria's bikes. My 3 are still out there. Anyone in the Bay Area, if your at the flea market or see them on craigslist please let me know. Thank you

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Keegan Sauder
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leatherdaddy 1383260061
Juan for prez!
digicheez 1383277685
3030vision 1383422779
Currently looking for bikes stolen out of my garage in SF (I lost 7). Who is Juan?
3030vision 1383435956
I'd love to get in touch with Juan so be can keep an eye out for our bikes!
camarobreath 1383511161
@3030vision he just happened to buy one of the bikes and then he saw our craigslist ad, then he was at the flea market and saw more of the stolen bikes, he reported it and called me. He is just honest!
3030vision 1383511248
Cool. Do you think he'd mind if I got in touch re: my bikes? I'm offering a reward in case he runs across them. Thanks!
camarobreath 1383514328
@3030vision I will ask him
youngspen 1415730247
damn dude good luck !!
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