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Huf holiday out now @hufworldwide #waitwhat

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hgd718 1383077784
Yeah buddy #dbc I see a few joints I'll need to pick up
ernyofthesea 1383077827
@keith_hufnagel my name is Allen Kroger I am currently a high school student and about a year ago I started my own brand @thenextdynasty I just recently launched my website http://www.thenextdynasty.com please check it out.
kungloud 1383077837
Just dropped good bread
matttaraszewski 1383078855
The pull overs πŸ‘Œ
sphinxkuntus 1383085420
Yes!!! Finally!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
jeffreyhenao22 1383091153
Yo @keith_hufnagel big question is that your board on the movie elf??
_danteflowers 1383091397
Luh dis!
keithhufnagel 1383108876
@jeffreysinstagram yes
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