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James Hardy

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James Hardy
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bamahardy 1383060559
@kyle_tstone I am
kealstone 1383064861
Cool I'm from Dallas but I'm staying down here to film and stuff for a few months. We go out mostly with the generator to beat the heat. There's actually a bunch of spots down here. If you don't mind me asking why are you staying in Texas? @bamahardy
averydoesntskate 1383508825
when're you gonna stop by nani
bargemule 1385420909
@bamahardy holla to hang out and show u san antonio around brother!!! Holla
bargemule 1385420973
#vx1000allday hahahhaa
kwesi_w 1387139412
dam i want that board so bad
prestoncarey1 1391310340
U guys should do a skate demo in battleground skatepark ( AL )
svenavemaria 1392902238
Please tell me it's 8.5!?
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